Doctor’s Cardiovascular Review
Non Surgical Alternative

Vol. 1, Issue 8

Why Your Local Hospital And Your Own Doctor Need For You To Have A Heart Attack!

Safely helps flush deadly plaque and heavy metals from your body to help avoid Heart Attacks and Strokes.

Quickly helps reduce High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure to safe levels without the side effects.

Proven effective in more than 1,823 medical studies… endorsed by the National Institute of Health.

Hospital and Pharmaceutical Companies hope you never read this Special Issue.


My name is Howard Shaw, and I’m the co-founder of Miracle Breakthrough Labs.

From the beginning, let me be blunt and tell you that greedy hospitals and even your own doctor hope you do not read this guide.

In the next few pages I am going to reveal insider secrets of the medical industry.

It may shock and even offend you to hear me say that your hospital is hoping you’ll have a heart attack. Or that a heart surgeon sees you as nothing more than a cash cow. But it’s true. And I simply can’t keep it to myself any longer.

You see, I’ve been the victim of two heart attacks—and I’ve learned the hard way that the medical establishment’s answer for your heart problems is literally dangerous to your health.

In fact, studies reveal that up to 50% of all heart surgeries (maybe even 90%) are completely unnecessary and rarely extend the patient’s life

And in extreme cases kill the very same patient who believed heart surgery would save them.

And don’t get me started on the drugs.

They don’t always work—and sometimes do the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to—and they come with a laundry list of side effects that can ruin your life.

Yet hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are desperate to maximize revenue—and keeping you in the dark is one of their key strategies.

Quite simply, in many cases they can’t afford to let you know the truth about heart treatment in this country or about the natural alternatives that could be vastly superior.

If they did, their multi-billion dollar gravy train would come to an end almost overnight.

Fortunately, in this report, I’m going to show you all the options including ones I consider the better way. I’m going to show you the all natural solution that helped put my heart health problems behind me—and it could do the same for you.

It’s a little-known food additive that could help flush and dissolve
up to 94% of all deadly plaque from your entire circulatory system
so you never get caught up in this greedy (and sometimes deadly)
game of “when in doubt, cut… cut…cut.”

I think you’ll like what I found.

Even the National Institute of Health says it reduces your risk of having a cardiovascular event.

It could also help lower your cholesterol… decrease your blood pressure… and reduce your risk of having a heart attack in the first place.

This safe alternative my wife, who is a nurse and herbologist accidentally discovered. After I suffered my second heart attack she began to dig through mounds of research secretly hidden in medical records.

Read this guide and judge for yourself based on what’s best for you.


Did Bill Woods have to die?

It was 10:47 am on a clear October morning when paramedics found Bill Woods. He was slumped over his chair at work, in the midst of a heart attack. Every second mattered. So paramedics loaded Bill into the ambulance and raced him to the nearest hospital.

“Please call my wife. And tell her I’m okay. We’re going to Italy. On a vacation. I have to be there,” Bill said.

“Just relax Mr. Woods. And keep breathing,” the paramedic responded.

But those would be Bill’s last words.

Had Bill’s condition stabilized, he probably would have made it. But while the ambulance sped to the hospital, Bill’s heartbeat plummeted to 34 beats per minute. His vital signs crashed. The paramedics raced to save him. But by the time the ambulance pulled up to the emergency room, Bill was dead.

He was just 58 years old. He leaves behind a wife, three heartbroken kids and grandchildren he will never know.

The heart attack that never should have happened

Bill never would have been in that ambulance had he known about a 55-cent food additive you can find in your refrigerator.

This food item has been USDA and FDA approved since July 16, 1953 to flush deadly toxins from your body. The National Institute of Health says it reduces cardiovascular events like heart attacks. Over 1,823 medical studies confirm it works. 64 years of scientific research back it up. And a whopping 1,526 progressive U.S. doctors recommend it to over 1.5 million patients a year.

Some say it’s the greatest health breakthrough of the 21st century because it safely flushes arterial plaque from the body so you never collapse from a heart attack like Bill Woods.

Dentists use it to remove debris from your mouth during a root canal. Crime scene detectives use it to preserve blood samples because it’s an anticoagulant, as well as an antioxidant. Progressive doctors recommend it for complete heart health.

Open your refrigerator and you’ll see it in grape juice, milk and mayonnaise. It’s in canned goods like baked beans.

If you have grandchildren, it’s in their baby food.

It prevents beer from exploding in your face when you crack open a can. And if you turn on your faucet, you’ll find it in your drinking water too.

What do the experts have to say?

Dr. Linus Pauling
Two-time Nobel Prize winning Scientist

Two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Linus Pauling says:

“This (food additive) makes good sense to me as a chemist and medical researcher. It has a rational scientific basis and the evidence indicates that it might eliminate the need for bypass surgery… equally valid as preventative treatment.”

Famed Vitamin E researcher Dr. Wilfred Shute says:

“I’ve searched medical literature and accumulated more than 200 journal articles about (this food additive). In every case the results of this therapy were just short of fantastic.”

On November 4, 2012, a press release was sent to hundreds of media outlets including The New York Times, CNN, CBS News, and Forbes magazine regarding the results of a 10-year, $30 million double-blind study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) that looked at whether or not (this food additive) reduced heart disease in 1,708 participants.

It said this:

“Heart attack patients given (this food additive) had fewer cardiovascular events than those who received a placebo…”

Why haven’t you heard much about this life-saving food item until now?

As you’ll see doctors, hospitals and big pharma don’t want you to know about (or take) this supplement because they stand to lose millions (maybe even billions) of dollars when more people hear about this new NIH study—and refuse their heart surgery that makes the medical establishment rich. You can bet all the marbles in the jar the medical establishment will fight to protect the billions of dollars they rake-in from heart attacks.

I’ll explain why this is true. I’ll show you why heart surgeries are the #1 money maker for doctors and hospitals. And why numerous studies say that 25% to 50%, possibly even 90% of heart surgeries are totally unnecessary, and done only to add money to a hospital’s bottom line.

The truth is the medical establishment would rather you not read this letter. They’d rather you carry on with your life. They’d rather plaque buildup in your arteries so you need an expensive, dangerous (and very profitable) heart surgery that gets you back on your feet but doesn’t get you well.

It’s no wonder the medical establishment keeps natural solutions for heart disease—such as the one revealed in this report—under wraps.

You see, the U.S. hospital system desperately wants, and needs you to have a heart attack. Their bottom line depends on it. Many hospital departments like obstetrics… mental health… and ER lose money. Lots of it. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year are thrown out the window because US hospitals (by law) cannot turn sick patients away, even if they can’t pay. So to make up for this deficit, where do hospitals turn?

Heart surgeries.

Like angioplasties, stent placements and invasive bypass surgeries.

Did you know that the #1 money maker for US hospitals is open-heart surgery,

which pulls-in an estimated $200 billion a year? Heart surgery makes more money than anything else inside a hospital. It takes-in more money than all forms of cancer treatment combined.

The Wall Street Journal in an article titled “Heart surgery is what keeps hospitals in business" said:

“The tab for treating ailing hearts approaches $200 billion a year in the U.S., which is about 20% of the entire healthcare economy.”

Another study in The Journal of Medical Care found that:

“Heart surgery is 96% more likely to be recommended when the patient is covered by private insurance than by Medicare, which pays less—and 117% more likely to be recommended to the insured than to uninsured patients.”

But here’s the real bombshell: Most of this surgery could be totally unnecessary and doesn’t bring the promised results. In an unguarded moment, The Journal of the American Medical Association even admitted it, revealing:

“As many as 90% of all heart bypass surgeries are not necessary… that patients who receive them do not live longer than patients who don’t. And that bypass and angioplasties directly kill nearly 20,000 heart patients every year.”

A study in The New England Journal of Medicine had the same shocking message:

“Modern treatment appears neither to prolong life nor prevent heart attacks…”

What does all this mean? Simple:

  • Heart surgery makes a lot of money for hospitals ($200 billion a year.

  • You have a higher chance of getting open heart surgery if you can pay for your treatment with private insurance.

  • And up to 90% of all heart surgeries are unnecessary—some can even kill you.

But cardiologists plow forward, while their hospital administrators quietly cheer them on, all in the name of money.

Money makes the world go round…
it keeps your local hospital going too!

Your local hospital is in the business of sick people not cured people. Never forget this. What if nobody got sick? Every hospital would close down. Every doctor would be out of a job. Surgeons would have nobody to cut on. Nurses would have no arms to stick with needles. And since heart surgeries feed $200 billion dollars into the U.S. healthcare system, it’s what keeps hospitals treating the sick instead of curing the cause.

Think of it this way:

No heart disease = no heart attacks = no heart surgeries = no money = no profits = no hospital.

It’s simple math. So if you have a crippling heart attack, your local hospital gets profitable business, which adds to their bottom line, which keeps their doors open.

Tell your Porsche driving heart surgeon “no thanks!”

It’s hard to believe you’ll have a heart attack. It’s hard to imagine your life abruptly ending. That you’re here today and dead tomorrow. That your dreams vanish. That you could be zipped inside a body bag instead of blowing out the candles on your next birthday cake. That you’re not here to enjoy more memories with your spouse… see your kids buy their first home… or hear your grandchildren say their first words. That your family has one less plate to bring the dinner table every Thanksgiving.

Or worse, what if you survive a heart attack and get trapped inside a shell of your former self. Hobbling to the mailbox… being out of breath as you walk from the couch to the kitchen… having to rely on someone to feed you… gobbling fistfuls of pricey pills… and always worrying about if you’ll collapse from another heart disaster.

The truth is hospital CEOs secretly want you to collapse in their hospital in the midst of a massive heart attack. Not because they care about you as a patient. But because you’re a dollar sign to them. You’re good for business. Your tattered heart keeps their bottom line growing. Your pain is their financial gain.

Of course they won’t tell you this. But it’s true. The average heart surgery costs $24,000. And 40 to 60% of this is pure profit. Add this up, and your local hospital pockets a cool $14,400 in profit from each chest it cuts-open and sews-shut.

This makes heart surgery the #1 profit producer for U.S. hospitals. Heart surgeries make more money than all forms of cancer combined.

Look at this graph:

Cardiology Generates The Most Profits for Hospitals & Doctors
Mental Health

There are more greedy dogs who want at your wallet!

Hospitals aren’t the only greedy dogs gunning for your heart to explode. Heart surgeons want in on the action too. The average cardiologist pulls-in $450,000 a year, which is how they afford the summer home in the Hamptons… tuition for their kids to get an Ivy League education… and how they keep gas in their $108,000 red Porsche 911 Carrera that goes 0 to 60 faster than you can scream “Help… I’m having a heart attack”.

How do you think cardiologists rake in $450,000 a year? By checking your heartbeat with a stethoscope? By writing Lipitor prescriptions? By telling you to eat a heart healthy diet?

They pull in $450,000 a year by slicing open as many chests as they can fit into their schedule before their 1:00 pm tee time. And at $24,000 a pop, heart surgeries are big bucks.

A shocking example of a greedy heart surgeon

Just look at cardiologist Dr. Chae Hyunmoon. Ever hear of him? He was the heart surgeon banned for life from practicing medicine after he (and his colleagues) performed more than 35,000 heart surgeries at his famed California Heart Institute in Redding California over a 14-year period.

Between June 2001 and May 2002, Dr. Hyunmoon performed 796 invasive cardiac procedures alone, sometimes as many as a dozen a day, at a whopping cost to Medicare (and taxpayers) of $4 million dollars.

This went on for years. Until the FBI investigated Dr. Hyunmoon, and with the help of outside heart specialists, found that 25% to 50% of these heart surgeries were unnecessary.

It came as no surprise when Dr. Hyunmoon’s clinic was shut down. In May 2006 his license was revoked by the California medical board. And the Redding Medical Center (the hospital Dr. Hyunmoon had privileges at) was ordered by a California judge to repay $59.5 million to the federal government to settle insurance fraud charges from approximately 17,500 unnecessary heart surgeries performed.

These patients died from 17,500 unnecessary heart surgeries

Mary Rosburg was referred to Dr. Hyunmoon’s heart clinic complaining of mild chest pain. Her work up was inconclusive, which based on medical guidelines called for “no surgery”. But instead, Dr. Hyunmoon performed bypass surgery which killed Mary.

Or what about Emma Jean Montgomery? Who was operated on by Dr. Hyunmoon after her medical chart said, “…her artery disease was not severe and did not require surgery.” Miss Montgomery died too.

The stories never end. Over 17,500 patients were crippled, maimed and killed from all the unnecessary heart surgeries being pumped out of the California Heart Institute in Redding California.

What did hospital CEO Trevor Fetler
have to say about all of this?

“That the hospital’s past actions failed to meet ethical standards, but weren’t illegal.”

Weren’t illegal?

What planet is Mr. Fetler living on? The FBI investigated Redding Hospital. The government won a $59.5 million dollar lawsuit against them. Dr. Hyunmoon’s heart clinic was shut down. He was barred from practicing medicine. His license got pulled by the California Medical board. And CEO Trevor Fetler says what they did “wasn’t illegal”?

Just another case of a greedy CEO running a greedy hospital allowing a greedy doctor to feed their greedy bottom line by performing 35,000 heart surgeries—25% to 50% of which were unnecessary.

And The Redding Medical Center and Dr. Hyunmoon are not alone.

The Wall Street Journal reported that:

“The Palm Beach Medical Center in Florida agreed to settle 106 individual lawsuits filed against the hospital for $31 million because the plaintiffs suffered post-surgical infections after having cardiac surgeries… that may have been unnecessary…”

Are these isolated examples? Not on your life. This stuff goes on everyday. And it all stems from money… greed… desperation. $200 billion are at stake.

And because heart surgeries are so profitable, and because they keep many hospitals open, some doctors and hospitals crank out heart surgeries like cars coming out of a Ford factory—even if 25% to 50% to 90% of these surgeries are unnecessary.

Who knows what other heart surgery scandals are lurking out there? JAMA says that 90% of these surgeries are totally unnecessary—which tells me there are many more hospital CEOs hiding the fact that they tell their heart surgeons, “When in doubt—cut… cut… cut.”

What is Big Pharma’s role in all of this?

These multi-billion dollar companies want you brought to your knees by a heart attack, so you get hooked on their $21 a pop cholesterol lowering pills, which keeps your heart ticking but never cures heart disease.

Just look at their numbers:

Lipitor sales in the United States hit $10.8 billion in 2010 for Pfizer… Crestor sales spiked at $5.69 billion for AstraZeneca in 2010… and U.S. sales of Zocor topped out at $361 million for goliath Merck. All in the name of higher stock prices and more profits, so Wall Street hails these CEOs “good little leaders running rich pill companies…”.

Keep reading and I’ll show you a safe supplement that 1,823 published studies have proven works—including the blockbusters heart study (called T.A.C.T.) whose results were released November 4, 2012.

You’ll see how to keep your heart, your brain and your organs healthy by letting your arteries deliver nutrient rich blood to these vital areas.

I take two pills a day of this safe supplement to help flush calcified plaque from my system. So do 1.5 million other Americans. It can work for you too.

Keep reading for the exciting conclusion.

The 55-Cent Health Secret Heart Surgeons
Don’t Want You To Know About

You could live a long and healthy life. You could age gracefully with your spouse, your kids and your grandchildren. You could lower your blood pressure… decrease your resting heart rate… and help reduce your cholesterol using a safe supplement that 1.5 million patients already swear by.

  • This supplement is so safe it’s FDA approved for use in baby food, tap water, mayonnaise, soda, baked beans and thousands of other food items in your kitchen.

  • It’s proven 3 times safer than aspirin.

  • You can see it working in 48 hours.

  • 1,823 medical studies prove works.

  • 1,526 U.S. doctors prescribe daily.

  • And it costs only pennies a day… as low as 55-cents to be exact.

You may have saved my life

“I took your advice and did the 10-day urine test you talked about. I was amazed at all the deadly white plaque that was coming out of my circulatory system. I can’t thank you enough. You may have saved my life.”

—Herbert Basin, New York, NY**

Two safe and simple pills a day, could keep the heart surgeon far away

To flush arterial clogging plaque from your arteries, so you feel better… live longer… and never worry about having a heart attack and getting trapped in a US healthcare system that sees you as a dollar sign instead of a human being… …You simply take two safe pills a day of something called “Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid” (or for short). is an amino acid first used by the US Navy to flush heavy metals from crewmen suffering from lead poisoning.

Navy crewmen taking said they “felt better”. They could walk up and down their ship’s stairs without getting winded. They performed their military required exercise drills without having aching muscles. They complained less about their heavy workload. It was as if these crewmen had superhuman cardiovascular strength.

My angioplasty was postponed

“My doctor couldn’t believe the change in my health. Advanced Mega Plus actually made the blockage in my artery disappear. I never though it could work this well but it did. I even have my whole family taking it because we all plan to live a lot longer and in much better health. Thank you.”

—Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholas Sr., FL**

Come to find out, was doing much more than just flushing lead, mercury and other toxic metals from these Navy crewmen. It was also binding with calcified plaque and removing this “gunk” from their system. And even though most of these crewmen were healthy 20 and 30 year olds, improved their stamina even more. The result was helped lower cholesterol. Lower blood pressure. Lower resting heart rate. And overall better health. Navy doctors found these crewmen taking had cardiovascular systems equal to conditioned distance runners.

How does help safely flush deadly plaque from your body?

The science behind is simple:

My cholesterol dropped to 160

“My cholesterol is lower then ever. I took the doctor prescribed pills for years. I even exercised and lost weight. Yet nothing seemed to work. My cholesterol was always 200 or higher. I took Advanced Mega Plus for only 4 months and could not believe the results when my cholesterol came back at 160. I owe it all to Advanced Mega Plus. I strongly recommend Advanced Mega Plus to anyone looking to improve their overall health and expand their life span. Yours truly.”

—Mrs. Edwarda Collins, ND**

Over your life, plaque sticks to the walls of your arteries. Which can cause a heart attack or a stroke. But because helps bind with positively charged plaque molecules… it literally locks-onto and flushes plaque from more than 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries and microscopic arterioles inside your body—so nutrient-rich blood reaches your heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, hands, legs and sex organs.

As a result, you could feel young again and alive because blood gets to where it needs to go.

And when your cardiovascular system is healthy, you’re able to play with your grandkids without getting winded … garden without your lower back aching for days… carry groceries from your car to your house without breaking a sweat… climb stairs and talk on the phone at the same time… enjoy pleasurable and more frequent sex with your partner… wiggle your fingers and toes with ease… and many other activities.

But more importantly, you’re healthier because your cholesterol, blood pressure and resting heart rate are lower. Which in turn STOPS a heart attack dead in its tracks.

My blood pressure lowered considerably

“I have never felt better in my life. Here are the facts: My blood pressure has dropped considerably. I no longer have chest pains. My blood sugar levels are normal for the first time in many years. I no longer have numbness in my legs or other extremities. I achieved all these results after taking Advanced Mega Plus for two months. This stuff works. My wife started taking it too. I can’t thank you enough.”

—Mr. Redford Williams, LA**

Think of plaque like a scab that forms inside your arteries. As time goes by, this scab gets bigger and thicker and stronger. Until eventually, it’s so big it blocks blood flow, which sends you into cardiac arrest (or a stroke).

safely and harmlessly helps remove these scabs from your arteries, and carries them away from your body in your urine—so oxygenated blood reaches your living organs.

There could be other side effects from … truly amazing ones

When you scrub plaque from your arteries and veins, your heart is able to pump life-giving blood to the places your body needs it including your heart, your brain and your vital organs. As a result could help…

My sex life is as good as when I was 20

“This amazing formula cleaned out many of the blockages in my arteries, which means blood flows to areas it’s supposed to. Without going into a lot of embarrassing detail, this has helped renew my sex life with my wife. I’ve gone from infrequent erections to being able to achieve them four or five times a week. In as long as I can remember, my wife can’t keep up with me. To call this amazing supplement a miracle is an understatement. Wishing you the best.”

—Don K., CA**

  • Your brain that controls learning, memory, thinking and reasoning sparks to life again

  • Your nerve endings that weaken with time are resuscitated and stimulated

  • Your joints that ache when you walk or get out of bed are soothed, relieved and made pain-free…

  • Your organs including your heart, lungs, eyes, ears, stomach, intestines—and even your sexual organs—get rejuvenated and function as Mother Nature intended…

  • Your extremities like your toes, fingers, hands and feet—once cold, stinging and numb are warmed by the flow of soothing blood…

  • Your skin that wrinkles with each passing year, regains its softness, suppleness and youthful radiance like you were 5, 10, even 20 years younger…

Any fatigue… lethargy… joint pain… back soreness… could feel better because oxygen and nutrients reach and revitalize these areas.

All this happens because cells that were once starved and dying in your body are ‘reborn’ because they receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

My legs no longer have circulatory problems

“For the first time in years I am playing tennis and bowling my legs no longer have a circulatory problem and do not freeze up on me...”

—Ulysses Stevenson, Cambridge, MA**

You can see and feel working

The best form of on the market today is called Advanced Mega Plus because you can see and feel it working in as quickly as only 48 hours after you take it.

Here’s how you can prove that Advanced Mega Plus is working for you:

What do the scientific studies say about therapy?

Since the FDA and USDA first approved therapy there have been more than 1,823 studies published in the United States. If you include Europe, South America, Australia and Canada in the mix, you’ll find approximately 3,000 studies supporting the therapeutic use of .

Here are the results from a few:

  • A 1991 study in The Journal of Advancement in Medicine revealed, “’s effectiveness in clearing the carotid artery.”

  • In a 1988 study on 2,870 patients under the watchful eye of Dr. James Carter of Tulane University found that therapy showed “marked improvement on 90% of patients with peripheral vascular disease and 76.9% of patients with heart disease.”

  • The Cypher study, which chelated 20,000 patients with , showed that 79% of them had “significant circulatory improvement in their arms and legs.”

  • A study published in the Journal of Chronic Diseases gave one gram of oral a day to patients and found that patients experienced “significant drops in cholesterol”... “enjoyed lower blood pressure”... “reported chest pain relief”... “and patients gained improved sensation in their legs and feet.”

And there’s more:

  • A study showed “marked improvement in 91% of 1,130 patients with peripheral vascular disease”...

  • Another study revealed “marked improvement in 76.9% of 844 patients with ischemic heart disease”...

  • One study found “12% to 20% improvement in lung function on 38 patients receiving therapy”...

  • And yet other studies revealed “a 14% reduction in serum cholesterol levels in 142 patients following therapy... a 2% increase in bone density in 25 individuals with early onset osteoporosis... and a 35% reduction in carotid artery blockage and 620% increase in blood flow in 16 men and women after therapy...”

The fastest and best results

“I tried other types of but your by far gave the fastest and best results. You were also a lot less expensive.”

—Brian Whitewood, Houston, TX**

And on November 4, 2012...
The results of a 10-year, $30 million, NIH study on said this:

“Heart attack patients given () had fewer cardiovascular events than those who received identical appearing placebo infusions, according to late-breaking clinical trial results presented at the group’s Scientific Sessions of 2012.”

I could go on and on…

We’re talking over 1,823 studies published by some of the leading hospitals, research institutions and scientific institutions around the world—including the National Institute of Health.

My enlarged prostate shrunk

“I saw my doctor last week, and he couldn’t make sense of my prostate because it shrunk. I still have a long way to go. But at least I’m heading in the healthier direction. You were not kidding when you claimed Advanced Mega Plus could help me. At first, I didn’t believe much of what you said. But then I tried Advanced Mega Plus based on your 30 day nothing to lose offer. I’m glad I did. My wife is happy too. She uses Advanced Mega Plus now too. And she’s no longer out of breath after walking our dog. She’s able to do the NY Times crossword puzzle without her glasses. She can even hear me better too. The only change she made was taking Advanced Mega Plus. Thank you from the happy couple in Hawaii.”

—Roy & Lindsay Whitcomb, HI**

The bottom line is therapy really can save your life by preventing a catastrophic heart attack

As plaque and toxins are swept from your body... as ample life-giving blood swirls throughout your body... both you and your doctor could quickly begin to see many chronic, dangerous and downright deadly problems disappear. They include:

  • Artery blockages are blasted-free, and eliminated…

  • Heart palpitations decline…

  • High blood pressure falls…

  • Elevated cholesterol plunges…

  • Chest pains subside…

The benefits to your body continue because nutrient rich blood reaches your cells, tissues and vital organs since your arteries are free and clear of plaque:

  • Swelling or pain in your hands and feet is lessened…

  • Mild paralysis from heavy metal toxicity is undone…

  • Varicose veins vanish as blood and nutrients flow…

  • Sexual impotence is replaced with pleasurable sensations…

  • Lower and upper back pain subside…

You could get these health benefits from oral without having to get IV treatment

Intravenous delivered runs $300 per treatment and your insurance probably won’t cover it! It takes 3 hours per session. You need an average of 10 treatments, which totals $3,000 dollars. Which means you need to plop down in a chair for 30 hours and get stuck with a needle.

Who has time or money for that? When you can swallow two enteric-coated pills of Advanced Mega Plus for as low as 55-cents a day. Go about your business. And begin enjoying cleaner arteries in as little as 48 hours.



“My name is Katherine Levit. I live in Palm Beach, Florida. I just had to let you know you should really publicize your Miracle Breakthrough Labs . Let me tell you a little about my self: I had 5 children. I worked very hard in my young life then became very sick when in my 30’s. I had incurable coronary arteries disease, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis—all from smoking. I had many surgeries since 1999 including a quadruple by pass as well as a double arterial bypass.

To make a long story short, in December 2010 my cardiologist and surgeon said “there is nothing more they can do for me.” I had two blocked arteries. And it was just a matter or time until I died.

My brother in law from Canada asked me if I had read about this “Drano Cleaner” as he called it. I said “no”. But the very next day it was in the newspaper. So I called, and asked about it, and bought it, without my doctor’s permission.

I started taking it for 7 weeks. I went to my cardiologist, and he told me whatever I’m doing to keep it up because he had never seen me look so good. This did not just help my arteries, it helped my blood pressure and cholesterol. He told me to keep it up and to get him the information so he can tell his other patients.

I have died and come back three times. I am a miracle in itself. There are two pictures above. One is before taking your Advanced Mega Plus when I was near death. The other one is what I look like now with my grandson Greg. I just want to thank you for making this miracle pill available for everyone.”

—Catherine “Nana” Levis, Palm Beach, FL**

How is Advanced Mega Plus different from other brands you may have heard about?

Before you run out and buy a bottle of oral , you have to make sure you get the right kind. Studies say most of the over-the-counter oral at your local health food store or some other mail houses is worthless. That’s because it contains long chain molecules that are not broken down by your stomach, or absorbed by your small or large intestines.

Which means it doesn’t work. Which means you’re throwing money out the door.

That’s how Advanced Mega Plus is different:

You have questions… here are your answers.

Q:Is Advanced Mega Plus safe to use for most people?

A. Yes. The main ingredient in Advanced Mega Plus is , which is a food additive the USDA and FDA has approved for use in grape juice, whole milk and baby food. Our scientists at Miracle Breakthrough Labs have taken , and broken down the molecules so they are small enough to be absorbed and used by your body. This means Advanced Mega Plus safely scours calcified plaque from your veins, arteries, capillaries and cells, to help you avoid another stroke or heart attack.

Q: I tried oral chelation before and did not have much success with it. Why should I bother with Advanced Mega Plus?

A: Our scientists at Miracle Breakthrough Labs formulated Advanced Mega Plus in a short-chain molecule that gets absorbed and used by your small and large intestines. This way the active ingredients scours your body for a full 24-hours after you take it, which means it works all day long. Other formulations or oral chelation therapy use long-chain molecules, which your body simply excretes.

Q: How can I know for sure Advanced Mega Plus is working for me?

A: You can see it working! The neat thing about Advanced Mega Plus is that it locks onto and flushes plaque from your body in your urine. You'll see this happening when you pee. Here's how: 1) Before you take Advanced Mega Plus, collect a sample of your urine in a clear glass jar. Screw the lid on tight. And set this jar aside. 2) Start taking Advanced Mega Plus per the directions. 3) Ten days after taking Advanced Mega Plus collect a second sample of urine in a second glass jar. 4) Hold a 200-watt light bulb up to both urine samples. 5) The first sample, which contains urine before you started taking Advanced Mega Plus will be clear with no sediment in it. 6) The second sample, which contains urine before you started taking Advanced Mega Plus will contain a milky white substance that'll look like you dumped flour in your urine. This "white stuff" is deadly plaque that Advanced Mega Plus eliminated from your arteries.

Q: Are there any side effect of taking Advanced Mega Plus?

A: No. I've offered Advanced Mega Plus to tens of thousands of clients, who have sent me hundreds of letters praising it, and not once did I receive a complaint from someone with a major side effect.

Our scientists at Miracle Breakthrough Labs made Advanced Mega Plus with short-chain molecules, so up to 98% of Advanced Mega Plus is readily absorbed by your small and large intestines. That way plaque could be flushed from your system so your heart, your brain and your vital organs get all the life-giving blood they need—and so you get the benefits you’re paying for. And at 55-cents per day, that’s a bargain considering Advanced Mega Plus acts as your life insurance policy.

Advanced Mega Plus also contains the following “booster”ingredients to improve the effectiveness of your dosage:

  • Vitamins C and E and Selenium to keep the lining of your cells young, elastic and vibrant by fighting off and destroying free radicals.

  • Folic Acid and TMG to eliminate homocysteine from your body, which has been linked to cardiovascular disease.

  • Vitamin B12 and B6 which supports performance of your brain and nervous system, and helps your metabolism burn food. Magnesium that supports strong bones and supple joints.

  • Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen which increases your energy level, helps you burn more fat and raises your immune system.

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine that many considered the “anti-aging” amino acid because it keeps your skin looking younger, and also guards against deadly blood clots.

  • Bromelain which laboratory research says may interfere with the growth of tumors and slow blood clotting.

  • Co-Enzyme Q10 is nature’s most powerful antioxidant that guards against aging and helps your cells create energy in the form of ATP.

I could talk till I'm blue in the face about how wonderful Advanced Mega Plus is. I can show you hundreds of studies from doctors, universities and research institutions around the world that show Advanced Mega Plus can help make you heart attack and stroke proof. I can tell you what my customers say about Advanced Mega Plus. I can talk about why I take it. I can even tell you how my doctor is slapping his head in disbelief at the progress I've made with Advanced Mega Plus.

However, until you try it, you won't believe the results. You must notice a difference in your breathing, your movability, your arthritis and how you feel overall.

And if that’s not enough…

>FREE GIFT #1: I’ll Double Your Order of Mega Chang Maximum Power Formula for FREE! Up to $199 value.

If you want one bottle of Mega Chang Maximum Power Formula to try for 30-days, I’ll send you a second 30-day supply for no additional charge.If you want three months, I’ll send you another three months (for a total of six months) at no additional charge.

If you want six months, I’ll send you another six months (a total of 12 months) at no additional charge.

In other words: I’LL DOUBLE YOUR ORDER FOR FREE up to $199 value. Why would I do this? Because I’m a firm believer in Mega Chang Maximum Power Formula. And I want you to be too. That way you’ll feel for yourself how your energy improves.

And when this happens, I hope you’ll become a customer for life.

• I want you to reawaken your memory so you learn and remember as well as you did decades ago …
• I want any fatigue you now feel to vanish …
• I want you to rekindle the passion with that special person in your life …
• I want you to live longer, feel better and look younger!

And I realize to get you to try Mega Chang Maximum Power Formula I must make it impossible for you to say “no”.

But I’m not going to stop there. Because if you call toll-free 800-784-1443, I’ll give you the following bonus gifts:

> FREE GIFT #2: Shipping and Handling a $9.95 value. I’ll even pick up the tab for shipping and handling, which costs $9.95.

Why companies low ball the price of their products, only to hit you with outrageous shipping and handling charges that are way out of whack with the actual cost of shipping and handling, is beyond me. Not at Miracle Breakthrough Labs. You’ll pay nothing for shipping and handling.

>FREE GIFT #3: Membership into our Wholesale Price Club a $75 value. Once Mega Chang Maximum Power Formula enters your bloodstream, boosts your memory, energizes your body and ignites your love life, I’m so convinced you’ll want to reorder it, I’m going to “grandfather” you into our wholesale club.

What this means is that you’ll receive exclusive access to our 50% OFF wholesale price club, for life –without any fees, dues or charges. In other words, you get a rock bottom price guarantee 365 days a year.

>FREE GIFT #4: Expedite Processing and Delivery a $20 value. To help you get started right away I'll send your order by 24 hour expedite processing and 2-3 day delivery.

Your doctor must shake his head in disbelief at your progress. I urge you to give Advanced Mega Plus a try today.

Your health is on the line. And that's not something you can afford to leave in the hands of the medical establishment who sees you more as a dollar sign than a patient.

Thanks for reading. I wish you the best of health.


Howard Shaw

P.S. To make this an offer you can't refuse, I'm also giving you a 5th FREE Bonus Gift: While you're trying Advanced Mega Plus, you can also call our national Age Reduction toll-free hotline, where you can ask any aging, rejuvenation or nutraceutical question you may have regarding our youth transformation products. You'll receive this toll-free hotline number with your trial offer.

I urge you to give Advanced Mega Plus a try. Put it to the test. See the results for yourself. And I know you'll enjoy better health, a longer life and many more memories with your loved ones.

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